What our customers can expect of us

Specialised translations need to be performed by specialised translators, i.e. by qualified translators who have received sound and professional training. All of my colleagues have undergone this specialised training at different universities all over the world. Each translator translates into his/her mother tongue and in precisely those disciplines in which he/she has specialised. This is how we guarantee that you receive qualified translations into and out of all European languages – and on request Asian and more exotic languages too. You will appreciate that these translations cannot be had for dumping prices.

The decisive factor for a good translation that is meant to represent your company in the world at large should be the quality and not the price. To ensure that our translations meet your requirements, we rely on a good working relationship with our customers. This means that the customer should provide us with as much detail as possible about the purpose of the translation (document to be published, working draft for internal use, etc.) and provide us with any terminology and/or similar texts in the foreign language that already exist.